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  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Player Customization
  • Level Editor


Outmaneuver opponents as you wall run and slide behind them leaving them paralyzed after a devastating blow with a basketball to the head.


Grapple and swing around like crazy, kick doors and windowsrun horizontally on any wallslide under obstacles, use bounce tires to get launched up in the air and hit top speed quickly zipping down wire lines.

For more information, join us on Discord.

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Install instructions

  • Download the .rar file
  • Place it in a folder
  • Right click > Extract Here (with winrar or any other program)
  • Double click on Grapple Hoops Demo.exe & enjoy


Grapple Hoops Demo.rar 841 MB

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sorry but how do you grab shields like in the menu preview

Hey great game! had a blast playing the demo but if your one of the creators in the full game can u maybe add more levels and mechanics but other than that the demo and the full game is awesome, I like to see how it would progress in the future

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Hey! Could you please tell me how you got a big community for your game? Thanks!

Great game ! Cant wait for the full release . You really did a great job .

available for linux maybe in the future?

Yes, I plan on supporting Mac and Linux in the future but it might take time.


Such a great game! Definitely going to download the full release! Keep it up ^^


Thank you so much for the support!


I em so good at b'ball. Is my favrite spore. So goo...so goo...

Nice video! Thank you for playing Grapple Hoops!

Does it have quality settings, I dont have teh best laptop for gaming and I just wanna know if I can change it so it could run better if need be before I download it.

Sorry for the late response, yes it does have quality settings.

Sorry for the late late response, thank you for telling me


gamer momet



Thank you so much for playing Grapple Hoops and for the support, I truly appreciate it!!

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and now it wont open because it is rar file

Make sure you have WinRar installed and:

  • Place it in a folder
  • Right click > Extract Here (with WinRar or any other program)
  • Double click on Grapple Hoops Demo.exe & enjoy

Or you can download it automatically on Steam.




this demo was amazing!! I was about to leave a review on the steampage but there wasn't an option to do so. So here I am! I will leave a full review when the full game is released! definitely buying it!!

Thank you so much for the support and I really loved the video!


made in ue4?

Im guessing based on the mannequin model

Yes it was made in Unreal Engine 4, most of the characters do look like the mannequin model.

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I myself am using ue4 and made a working game but I can't package it as I am still using a potato MacBook air

The only difference between another model and ue4 is that it is only on ue4


I liked cel-shading visuals. 

Nice video, thank you for playing!


Karlson but better

can u make a compressed version,idk but my pc is taking a lot of time downloading it even with 100mb/s

The new version will be available on Steam and also Itch.io in a compressed zip file. You can join us on Discord and get notified when the new version releases.


This game reminds me of Karlson but i like that it's done in ue4 cause i think it's better over unity and the game is great


is it really like karlson?

i bet it wont be thicc


This game is absolutely off the charts FUN... Our Head of Games, Stephen Daughton had such an amazing time with Grapple Hoops - and we're really forward to working with you again soon on the podcast or Dev Roundtable!


I'm glad you had fun, thank you for playing Grapple Hoops!


i cant play the game

  • Download and Open the File
  • If you get a Warning from Windows press More Info and Run Anyway
  • Choose Destination and press Extract
  • Double Click Grapple Hoops.exe & enjoy


I love the game! I tried to join the discord but it showed me this:

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Thanks! Try this link here: https://discord.link/grapplehoops or dm me on Discord: AndreASS#0454


Man this is so cool, so hyped to play more, here's my look at it <3

Awesome video! Thank you for playing.


bruh omg this game is so fun please more chapters



Thanks, make sure to join us on discord to stay updated about the game's progress and earn rewards for speedrunning.



Thank you! More chapters, level editor, multiplayer and more coming soon!

oh sick

i made a montage/compilation of my best shots in this game, besides game really really fun, its a little hard but after about 20 minutes you should be able to at least get a few decent hoops in practice mode.  im loving it though and cant wait to see where this goes!

Thank for playing the game, I really appreciate it!

I'm a huge fan! I'm really enjoying this and I'm excited to see what comes in the future. All things considered it works really well and feels AMAZING to play.

My main issue was that with the OpenVR stuff SteamVR kept starting every time I wanted to start the .exe so I ended up just uninstalling it temporarily. If there's a way to fix that easily, I'd love to see it implemented.

I definitely agree with some of the feedback from other comments, I think a small audio cue on a ball pickup and a color change for the ball speed could make things feel a lot nicer.

Definitely something I'm suggesting to friends, it feels really nice to play through the demo levels and try to make different shots.

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Thank you so much! The SteamVR is an issue with Unreal Engine and can be solved. Most people with the SteamVR problem said that the solution is to plug out your headset and leave whatever steamvr pops up on. I have found the issue and i will release a big update very soon, possibly today.

For games that are on Steam, the solution (for users) is to just add "-nohmd" to the launch options on Steam. I'm not sure if it works for something like this though.

Awesome concept, I am digging the style. I do have a few thoughts:

•Even on easy the difficulty is quite unforgiving, as someone else said I think it shouldn't require such precision.

•I believe there should be some kind of indication you have a ball in your hand, I know the main levels only give you the one but in practice mode there is no way to tell until you're ready to shoot. In addition to an audio/visual cue when picking one up, there should be a HUD element or some other constant visual indicating you have one.

•How about for the easier difficulty you include more than one shot? Give the player one of those refillable basketball crates or a limited amount, like 3 balls a level or something.

•The small bounds as someone else stated should be increased, I had a lot of trouble getting to the hoop in the level with just the one plane and one hoop on a building far off in front of it. Being able to swing more and come in from a high point would make it easier.

I do appreciate being able to restart quickly with a button press.

Also, do you plan to add controller support? My xbox one controller didn't do much besides walk/strafe. I wonder if a game like this would translate well when you need such precision to grapple, unless you accommodate for the joystick being less precise.

My 5 year old tried a little too, in practice mode. He was having a great time.


Thank you for playing the game, and thank you for the feedback. Most of the issues I'm working on to fix for the next update.

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great game, has a lot of potential and it gives that "Mirrors Edge" adrenaline. It's a bit rough around the edges thou,  i think a bit of polish of the game mechanics could improve the game a lot:

-grappling hook works weird when pointing downwards, like a "Pole vault".

-It's not uncommon for the camera to clip through the walls.

-landing the ball in the basket shouldn't require that much precision, i think it would be better for the ball to land by just being "close enough". There's been a lot of situations that seemed like a guaranteed goal but i failed nonetheless.

-grabbing basketballs doesn't give any feedback.

-not a fan of the mouse-wheel mechanic, mostly because there's no visual indication of the current throwing force

I want to see how this game evolves from here, could be an indie hit. Also the music rules, I'm super into Aim to Head, their industrial mixes are my jam.


Thank you for playing the game and I really appreciate the feedback. I'll make sure to make the appropriate changes.

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This is a lot of fun! I would not have thought I'd ever be playing extreme basketball parcour, but I'm loving it. Thank you for including the ability to kick in windows, it's truly what a game like this needs.
It would be nice if you could increase the relatively small bounds  of the game area a bit though, I keep falling out while trying to go for the ultimate swing TM.


Thank you, i'll make sure to increase the level bounds.


Looks hectic


Awesome game!!!!!!


Thank you for playing the game!



Thank you for playing the game!